The Animation Art of Sailor Moon: Ikuko Itoh – Episode 55

Episode 55: Is Seijuurou the Moonlight Knight? Mako-chan Falls In Love



  • A much more lighthearted episode this time. Which is good, because I think last episode’s screenshot set broke a few hearts.
  • So many frames in this episode crack me up. I was giggling even while putting the screenshots together.
  • Episode 31 was “Luna makes every silly expression ever,” Episode 37 was “Usagi makes every silly expression ever.” This one is “Everyone makes every silly expression ever.”
  • Moonlight Knight on a camel. Oh god. Dying. As if that character couldn’t get goofier.
  • Mako-chan couldn’t be more adorable in this episode if she tried.
  • Ami is having quite the day. Don’t ask me how many tries it took to get the very quick shot of Mako hitting her on the back. You don’t want to know.
  • I have to wonder what kind of parameters Ami put in to try to calculate the probability of Seijuurou being the Moonlight Knight. “If DorkFactor = True then goto LikesRoses.”
  • Ami is patiently letting Luna sit on her head. I can only presume this is to avoid the rain of rice coming from Usagi, because having had a cat on my head before, it’s not exactly comfortable.
  • Ami is giving the stinkeye to Usagi in the bottom of the 5th set. I keep looking at those angry eyebrows and losing it.
  • The MotD is bento themed. Wat.
  • Jupiter uses Supreme Thunder Dragon only once. That’s bullshit. It’s also bullshit that a giant dragon made of lightning didn’t kill the Cardian on its own.
  • Moon and Mercury recovered from being burnt to a crisp pretty quickly.
  • Check out Mars’ expressions in the last screenshot set. She goes from a WTF expression to a “I can’t believe this shit” expression. This episode is amazing.
  • Lots of lurid detail in Ail’s disgusting food tray. He has served Ann swiss cheese, oranges, what looks like yakitori, squid legs, an uncooked fish coated in some gross looking yellow sauce, lettuce leaves, meat still in its plastic package, a pile of brown goo that…looks suspiciously like something else, a radish, garlic, a gray block of something, one of those seafood swirl things, sausage links, an unopened box of something, and an orange-coloured wrap filled with some more brown goo that is oozing out of it. Thanks for that, Ms. Itoh.
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