The Animation Art of Sailor Moon: Ikuko Itoh – Episode 104

Episode 104: Seeking Friends! Chibi-Moon’s Actions



  • I’ll admit it. I really don’t like this episode. I’ve mentioned before that Chibiusa is my least favourite character, so episodes surrounding her make me grit my teeth. (Rewatching SuperS is a real trial, as you can imagine.)
  • But! The animation in this episode is great. Look at all those silly expressions.
  • This episode wouldn’t be out of place in SuperS – very little Inner Senshi involvement, lots of Chibiusa and Usagi bickering, etc.
  • Tamasaburou got a gender swap in the English dub, probably because he crossdresses at the end. Easily enough pulled off, he’s already effeminate.
  • The English dub adapted the scene where Minako points out that Neo-Queen Serenity didn’t use any kanji in the worst possible way. Instead of saying something like that it was full of spelling errors, Mina says that she read it with her imagination, and Lita says the letter’s full of “symbols.” Um, no, Cloverway. Do not derisively call the written Japanese language “symbols.”
  • The homage to Crayon Shin-Chan doesn’t make me want to watch it. Instead of laughing at the weird kid, I’m creeped out by his sexual harassment of Chibiusa. At least his mother was angry at him and didn’t brush him off with a “Boys will be boys” thing.
  • Mamoru is pretty significant in this episode, which is unusual. But it works pretty well, since he too came from an affluent family and would know the proper protocol for a formal Japanese tea ceremony.
  • Funny background scenes: The expressions of the guy running the Takoyaki stand, Mamoru choking on his takoyaki while the girls bicker, and there’s a man proposing to his girlfriend behind Chibiusa when she’s drinking that omnipresent green beverage. (What IS that drink they’re always ordering, anyway?) [Turns out it’s melon flavoured cream soda, which is extremely popular in Japan.]
  • Pioneer subbed Chibiusa’s thoughts of Tamasaburou as “This person is alright!” Seriously? I can see the word “OK” right there, Pioneer.
  • Prof. Tomoe calls himself an idiot when he guzzles the too-hot tea. I love this guy. He’s totally insane.
  • Eudial, stop taping things to your monitor. That is a bad way to treat a monitor.
  • If anyone was to ask me why I dislike Chibiusa so much, I’ll point to this episode. She’s utterly horrible to Usagi, even insulting her when Usagi’s trying to show kindness. Pinching her foot when it’s undergoing pins-and-needles is just MEAN.
  • I love this episode’s Daimon, she’s hilarious (particularly when she’s miffed that no one is paying attention to her pleas that she’s not ready yet). This is one thing I really like about S – the Daimons actually have personalities, they don’t just grunt their names repeatedly. I do wonder how she can see with that brush over her eyes though. …and where/how she’s generating all that tea she’s flinging around.
  • I do really enjoy the scene of Chibi-Moon gradually creeping closer to the Daimon so she can smack it with her near-useless weapon.
  • Tuxedo Mask seems utterly HORRIFIED that the Daimon was about to strip. He isn’t just reminding Sailor Moon to do the same thing she does every episode, he’s desperate to get her to stop whatever the Daimon’s going to do.
  • Uranus talks tough, but she’s cradling Tamasaburou in her arms. I see right through you, you softie.
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