The Animation Art of Sailor Moon: Ikuko Itoh – Episode 18

Episode 18: Shingo’s Innocent Love! A Sorrowful French Doll



  • Both episode 5 and episode 18 have Shingo and Mika as significant supporting characters.
  • Characters break the fourth wall in both episodes. Sailor Moon winks at the audience in episode 5, and Shingo laments his popularity while addressing the audience.
  • I miss Mamoru’s sillier side.
  • I tried desperately to get the split-second frame of Usagi punching Shingo in the head, but no matter how slowly I ran the video, I could not get a good quality screenshot.

[The first three episodes covered for this project were in a different image format and had little to no commentary. It was my original intention to redo the screenshots & commentary, but at the rate I’m updating the blog right now, that may never happen.]

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