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My name is SailorSoapbox and I like animation.

A lot.

It was my dream to get a PhD in Media Studies, and teach classes about analyzing animation at the university level. That dream didn’t work out (it’s a long story), but there’s no reason I can’t rise from the ashes of that dream and make something of it! I am pretty good at writing, and have a natural ability for analysis. I’ve spent many an hour writing about highbrow subjects, but what I like most is analyzing silly things…like cartoons.

This blog is not for people who think all animation is made by Disney, or that animation is a “genre” for children. It’s for fellow animation geeks like myself, who want to look a little deeper and appreciate cartoons for the art that they are. I may look a little TOO deep sometimes (a former boyfriend said that I see dicks everywhere), but I sure have fun doing it. This blog had a previous incarnation on Tumblr, which I closed because Tumblr is The Worst.

The updating schedule is haphazard & random, and probably will remain that way. My apologies.

As of right now, I am focusing on my Best and Worst of Disney review series. In that series, I watch and discuss every animated feature film Disney has ever released or produced, and discuss one best thing and one worst thing about each film.

My Animation Art of Ikuko Itoh series of posts focuses on the Sailor Moon episodes and sequences in which key animation was done by Ikuko Itoh, who also did character designs for the S and SuperS seasons. Each post contains a collection of screenshots showing off particularly striking art, cleaned up with Photoshop. The images at the beginning of the posts are thumbnails! Secondly, I write some observations and commentary, focusing not only on the imagery of the animation, but also characterization, theme, subtext, metaphor, etc. I was an English Major. Hard to turn that kind of thinking off.

The Setting the Record Straight posts are also Sailor Moon related, and are primarily informative/opinion editorials clearing up misinformation and rumours that tend to proliferate throughout the fandom. The post about Haruka’s gender identity seems to be particularly popular.

The articles in the From The Archives section are ones that were written before this blog was opened. Many of the articles were cross-posted on feminist film/TV review site Bitch Flicks. The topics of these posts will vary widely, but all focus on an animated property of some kind.

Incidentally, I also have a deviantART account in which I post Sailor Moon wallpapers and manga colourings.


As for the future, I hope to include discussion of Looney Tunes, other Sailor Moon animators, the short films from the National Film Board of Canada, plus some more hatin’ on Jeffrey Katzenberg. But like I said, haphazard updating schedule. Rest assured that no matter how long it is between updates, I’ll always be coming back.


21 Responses to About This Blog

  1. I wish I could leave comments on your articles. You have some good insights.

    • My apologies. It was a hard decision I had to make. Right now, I am just mentally unable to deal with trolls or harassment (which is inevitable with a feminist’s blog), so I chose to disable comments for the time being.

      • swanpride says:

        From my own experience (I write a feminist blog myself, though I don’t like the word “Feminist” because I refuse to let myself categorized)…it might not be as bad as you might think. At wordpress you have the option to monitor the first post, meaning that you can keep your blog clean by simply not letting negativity through. I got so far only one troll, though I got the impression that he was less about feminism and more set on attacking me personally (since he tried to get to me on my other blogs, too). Either way, blocking people like that out instead of allowing them to take over your blog, they tend to leave very fast.

      • I considered that, but realized that I would still have to see the troll/harassment/threatening messages to moderate them. I’m not very good at the “Out of Sight, Out of Mind” thing. My plan is to eventually allow comments on posts once my personal life is less stressful.

      • swanpride says:

        You could also add the “only registered user” option when you are ready – that’s also a good way to keep trolls at bay (I don’t want to push you into anything, but wordpress allows so many options I wasn’t even aware of before I looked into them, so I just wanted to point out to you that there are a lot of possibilities between “No comments at all” and “bring it on”. You can even block certain words if you want.

      • I’ve decided to allow comments for now. I decided to put the usual misogynistic insults into the “automatically mark as spam” filter. Thank you for the advice.

      • swanpride says:

        Always…I wasn’t aware either of what is possible. Good luck with your blog.

  2. I’m no longer comfortable listing my full name online, so I would prefer to use a pseudonym. You can cite either SoapboxingGeek or SailorSoapbox, and if your teacher questions this, just point them to this comment and entry #36 on the MLA guidelines site: http://bcs.bedfordstmartins.com/resdoc5e/RES5e_ch08_s1-0011.html

    • Okay thank you 🙂

    • Sorry to bother you again but the essay I’m using you in is an IB paper so it’ll be read by professionals and factor into whether or not I get my diploma. So my teacher is worried that the pseudonym soapboxing geek is too unprofessional and that the graders won’t accept you as a source and your disney series provides a good bulk of my research. So she and I were wondering if you could either

      A. Email me your name at xlaakeam@yahoo.com so you don’t have to post it online (I’ll only cite you and not share the info with anyone but the graders who see said citation)


      B. Provide me with a more professional pseudonym to address you by, one that sounds like a real name (like how Samuel Clemens wrote under the guise of Mark twain)

      I’d prefer A but I’d understand if you wouldn’t want to give out your name to a complete stranger. I just need a more professional name so that the IB graders don’t question my paper.

  3. When will your next blog update happen this year? You haven’t updated since December and I was wondering if you would be continuing.

    • I’ve updated more recently than that – there have been three updates on the Best & Worst of Disney series since December 31st. You have to check that page for updates since WordPress doesn’t show when a page has been updated, only when it’s been newly posted. :/

  4. I just found this blog and I really like it! I hope you start writing again soon.

  5. I’m a huge Sailor Moon fan, I absolutely love it… and one of my favorite things is to discover more things about the show that I didn’t know already. It’s crazy to me that after 20 years of fandom, I’m still stumbling across more bits and pieces of information about the show written by other huge fans who are much more knowledgeable than me about the intricate details about the show. I really enjoy your analysis of the artwork in particular… you notice SO many tiny details, it’s amazing! I overlooked so many of those fun details.

    One comment about your article on homosexuality in the series… I know I am not the final authority on this, but Aluminum Seiren and Lead Crow seem to be 100% straight to me. Their relationship seems like the one between Frodo and Sam, or maybe Usagi and Rei. They’re close friends who care about each other deeply, but with no evidence of any sexual attraction.

    I never heard of Hotaru being called homosexual, and the idea seems ridiculous to me. Having love for a person isn’t the same as sexual attraction for that person. Her love for Chibiusa is like her love for her father.

    I wouldn’t know how to categorize Fiore, and I think he wouldn’t know either. Like you said, he’s innocent, and maybe not capable of sexual attraction.

    BTW it’s been interesting seeing online discussions about Sailor Moon Crystal, where many people who never read the manga are finding it interesting to learn that Usagi is less than 100% straight. Usagi’s reaction to first seeing Rei was removed from the anime (instead Usagi’s first impression from Rei was an accidental smack in the face!)

    I never thought about it before, but it seems like this aspect of Usagi’s personality was transferred to Makoto in the anime. It’s Makoto who has to deal with a bit of infatuation with Haruka… and I’ll just point out that Makoto and Ami’s friendship is closer than most of the others on this show.

    I’m grateful for all of the articles you’ve written and hope you continue to write more!

    • Aluminum Seiren & Lead Crow are definitely meant to be a villainous parallel to Rei and Usagi (at the time I wrote that post I hadn’t realized the connection, even though it seems incredibly obvious to me now). It’s totally understandable if you don’t see their relationship as possibly romantic (I certainly don’t see Rei and Usagi’s relationship that way), but I would caution against assuming they’re straight since their only interactions with men are when they’re stealing Star Seeds.

      I fully anticipate that more people will see Hotaru/Chibiusa as a possible romantic relationship as more episodes of Crystal come out. As is typical with shipping arguments, people take this shit way too seriously, and make some really wild accusations against people who don’t see them that way. If I HAD to pair off Chibiusa with someone, I’d rather she be with Hotaru than with Helios, but I’m yet to see a rational argument as to why it’s so important that we discuss the love lives of girls so young they haven’t even gone through puberty yet.

      Usagi definitely was written as more “straight” in the anime, which is a shame. But at least that more rainbow side of her is being explored in Crystal. As I’ve probably mentioned, I don’t do much theorizing about non-canon couples in the series, but I really do love how sweet and supportive Makoto and Ami are of each other. If they were to pursue each other romantically, they’d make each other very happy.

      And thank you so much, I’m really glad you’ve been enjoying my work!

  6. Oink Eli says:

    I’ve been a huge fan of Sailor Moon since the anime got aired in my country (Dec 1993, I was 8) and I’ve always loved Ikuko Itoh’s work, although I wasn’t aware of who she was back then. I could feel some episodes were visually and emotionally at a higher level, thanks to her talent. I came accross your posts about the episodes she worked on as I was rewatching ep.124-125 (definitely my all time favorite anime episodes). I am a very visual person myself (I am currently doing a PhD in cultural studies using textual analysis as one method and I work with people doing media studies; plus my roommate is working for an animation studio so I almost look at animation in a new way now) and I just wanted to say that it is a great pleasure to read your analysis of these episodes particularly. Thank you for your articles and for the screencaps as well. It is nice to be able to enjoy the visual qualities of Itoh’s work on a higher quality rather than pausing the shitty files I’m dealing with.

  7. Andrea Cervantes says:

    I don’t know if you still update this blog, but I really like it. Thanks for your articles. Only comment on Big Hero 6’s Honey Lemon – she’s a chemist, and her weapon is actually her bag, where she mixes different elements (it has buttons in the front for the table of elements) to form compounds and chemicals she can throw at the villains. It’s basically a chemistry lab and she’s DIY-ing her chemical projectiles depending on the situation. I know this because she’s my favorite and I’m too traumatized by the table of elements that I can recognize it anywhere. 🙂

    • I do still update, sorry it’s been so long since I posted anything! If I ever decide that I’m done with the blog, I’ll post an announcement rather than just quietly letting it die.

      Thank you for the info about Honey Lemon! That makes a lot of sense. 😀 (Can you tell that I never had much of an aptitude for science?)

  8. So as of today, Disney now owns 20th Century Fox, including Fox Animation Studios, being as of right now, Anastasia is technically a Disney movie, and Anastasia is a Disney princess (people who for years have been confusing the film as a Disney movie are now technically right after all). Does that mean the Fox Animation Studios films will get Best and Worst of Disney reviews?

    • I think that for now I will consider already existing (or in-production) films to have been produced by entirely separate studios. If Disney decides to merge WDAS and/or Pixar with, say, Blue Sky Studios for future projects, then for sure I’ll include them in the BAW reviews. But otherwise it would be kind of a headache. The CG Alvin and the Chipmunks movies are 20th Century Fox and considering them as Disney just hurts my brain.

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