Sailor Moon: Ikuko Itoh

Ikuko Itoh is one of the most well-known animation directors for Sailor Moon. She directed episodes during the first four seasons, and was often given significant episodes due to her talent for conveying emotion and drama. She served as Character Designer and Chief Animator for the S and SuperS seasons, so almost all of the stock animation sequences (transformations, attacks) and opening/ending sequences were her work. She also created the artwork for the S and SuperS laserdisc releases.

All of the images presented are thumbnails, so be sure to click them if you want to see Itoh’s beautiful art in more detail! (I also apologize for the giant watermarks – I was hoping to avoid using them, but after catching someone putting their own watermark on my work and trying to claim it as theirs, I had no choice)

  • Sailor Moon S Opening Sequence [Coming Eventually]
  • Sailor Moon SuperS Opening Sequence [Coming Eventually]