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This is an ongoing project to watch and review each feature-length animated Disney film (and their live action remakes), because I love Disney so very much. I pick one ‘best’ thing and one ‘worst’ thing to discuss, regardless of whether I think the film is any good or not. Reviews are not completed in chronological order, but placeholders will be left for films I will be reviewing in the future, including films yet to be released. My reviews will sometimes touch on social justice issues, so those who would prefer a less political bent to their Disney discussions may wish to look elsewhere. Because of the nature of these reviews, I will sometimes discuss plot twists & film endings – don’t read a review for a film you haven’t seen yet if you are worried about spoilers!

If you would like direct updates to the Best & Worst reviews (without having to check this page, which I know is an inefficient method) please visit my Patreon. Reviews will be posted there for Patrons (who contribute $1+ a month) 24h before they’re posted here!


*[These will not be listed chronologically, but in the order that I watch/review them, or if they are all sequels to the same film.]



21 Responses to The Best & Worst Of Disney

  1. What’s your opinion of the new Maleficent film? I honestly hated it simply because I felt it had ruined one of my favorite Disney characters? What’s your thought on it?

    • I was honestly expecting to hate it, since Maleficent is also one of my favourite characters. I generally liked it. I think some aspects were poorly done (e.g. pretty much everything to do with King Stefan) and others were great (Angelina Jolie was perfect, the special effects were fun, and the mother-daughter aspect was welcomed). I would just take it as an alternate universe incarnation of the character rather than “ruining” her, since the original still exists and will still be the default version. But it’s a divisive film for sure, and for good reason.

  2. I was surprised that you included Bolt in the Second Renaissance list since it is considered by many a bad film and part of the Second Dark Age.

    • From what I can tell, Bolt is mostly considered “forgettable” rather than “bad.” It’s a little hard to properly evaluate the Disney era we’re currently in, but I put Bolt in the Second Renaissance because it’s the first film where the majority of its production was made after the Disney-Pixar merger & John Lasseter’s installation as Disney’s Chief Creative Officer (Bob Iger replacing Michael Eisner as CEO probably made a difference as well). I’m not sure how wise Lasseter’s decision to fire Chris Sanders from the project was (considering how excellent How To Train Your Dragon turned out) but Bolt was definitely a step up from the previous three films.

  3. Reading your review for Cars 2, I’m very glad I never took the chance to watch it. I have Asperger syndrome, a form of Autism, and based on what you described of the film, I can see why you were offended, I certainly would be too. Also, I read your Frozen, Wicked, and a Tale of Two Sisters article and was very touched, and I was surprised to learn your sister has the same condition as I do. It made the article even more touching with the love you clearly express toward your sister. Very well done.

  4. Adam Baldwin says:

    You’ve done a great job, and as of now you only have 12 movies left, not counting the numerous Direct-to-Video releases. All of the good ones are done, but I still anticipate the next installments. (Plus, some more top ten lists would be nice, go for the songs!)

    • Thank you! ❤ I've got a long way to go, but I'm really happy to see how many reviews I was able to complete so far. And for sure I'll do a list of favourite songs (though it'll probably be more like a top 30 instead of a top 10).

  5. Will you do reviews on the live action Disney films after you’ve finished all the animated ones, like the new Cinderella film, Maleficent, Pirates of the Caribbean, and even Alice in Wonderland?

    • My plan after finishing all of the animated features (whenever that’ll be) is to move on to reviewing all of the Looney Tunes shorts (or at least the ones that were released on the Golden Collection DVD sets). So while right now I’d say it’s unlikely that I would review the live action films, never say never.

  6. Adam Baldwin says:

    Thank you so much for the song list! It must have taken you forever to do. You could split the songs by category next if you feel like it (though that might be even more of a hassle, especially if Let It Go counts as a villain song or not), maybe tell us what the best movie in each of your groupings is, finally put up a Bolt review to finish the canon, and of course, say something good about Planes. (It can’t be as bad as Chicken Little, right?)

    • The song ranking did take a bit longer than the usual reviews posts (which take me roughly 45 minutes to write, not counting viewing the film & reading a bit of criticism/discussion of it) but not ridiculously so. I’ll have to mull over what I would do for a ranking of villain songs since a lot of them turned up on the top 20 list – I might do just a general villains list. (I don’t consider Let It Go to be a villain song, though it did start out as one) Ranking the best movie in the groupings/era sounds fun. And yes, I promise I’ll post the Bolt review soon! And as for Planes vs. Chicken Little, I have to say that I can see an argument for liking literally every other Disney film besides CL, so…yeah, Planes is probably going to be better. (I don’t know when I’ll get to reviewing Planes – I was planning to do Frankenweenie after I review Bolt since I want to discuss Tim Burton a bit)

  7. When will you get around to reviewing Finding Dory? (For that matter, you seen it yet?)

  8. Judging by your recently-posted review, I can tell you really enjoyed Moana (and it’s soundtrack) – would you say the film is good enough to rank in your top 10 favorite Disney films or not? Would any of the film’s songs land on your Top 20 Disney Songs list either?

    • Moana definitely wouldn’t be in my top 10 (but it probably would make the top 20 though – I’ll do another list ranking the other 30-ish Disney Canon films in between the top and bottom after I’m done with the Live Action Remakes). As far as the film’s songs, I’d have to see how I felt about the film in a year or so, but I probably would include How Far I’ll Go if I was to make that top 20 songs list today.

  9. Out of curiosity, what are your thoughts on Disney’s latest live-action cash-in (the ‘Beauty and the Beast’ remake), especially understanding that the 1991 version is to this day your favorite film in the Disney animated canon?

    • I am cautiously optimistic for it, and will be seeing it as soon as I can. On the one hand, the teaser trailer hooked me by using the gorgeous “Prologue” music from the original score. But on the other hand, the samples I’ve heard of Emma Watson’s singing and Ewan McGregor’s French accent are…concerning. (I also think that Disney congratulating themselves for confirming LeFou as gay, when that subtext was always there, is pretty sad) But I really hope this film will be fantastic, because if they mess this one up, a loooooot of people are gonna be pissed.

  10. Does Moana affect this list?

    I really enjoyed Moana-even liked Tatotoa. You’re right about the “tweet” joke though-took you right out of the narrative for a cheap, stupid non-laugh.

    • I was asked about this a couple of months ago. Moana would probably rank fairly high in my list of favourite Disney films, but definitely not in the top 10 – with the exception of Frozen, all of my favourite Disney films have been pretty static for decades. However, my affection for the soundtrack has only grown, and I would absolutely put How Far I’ll Go in the top 20 favourite Disney songs. Let’s say…#15.

  11. In your post on ‘The Hunchback of Notre Dame’ you mentioned you heard of several fan edits which chop those nefarious gargoyles out of the film. After some digging, I managed to uncover one of them here (providing you haven’t already seen it):

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